Born in 1959 in a small town in Asturias, Spain, Rogelio  moved to Belgium with his family when he was 4 years old. Since his early childhood in Brussels Rogelio has been fascinated with drawing. He became autodidact painting living human beings.

In view of finding the images he would love to realize himself, Rogelio joins the Académie de Beaux Arts d’Ixelles to study painting of models ( 1996 – 2001 ), then sculpting ( 2002 – 2009 ), and painting  ‘nature mortes’ ( 2010 till now ).

After two years of studying sculpting at the Académie de Beaux Arts de Saint-Josse  (2010-2012 ) Rogelio turns to ceramics. It is in the  combination of his talent as a sculpture  and  the various techniques of ceramics that Rogelio discovers his love for raku.

Rogelio describes his passion as follows: ‘I tremendously enjoy the moments of emotion when I start washing and scraping my objects or figurines to remove the gloss, and am always immensely stunned with the final result.’