Uta Bekaia : multimedia artist, art wear designer.

Uta Bekaia was Born and raised in Tbilisi , Georgia, ex-Soviet Union block.curri Uta has been living and working in New York City since 1998. Primarily a costume designer, he has worked on over 150 projects with theater and film companies and using his background in fashion design. Some of them include: Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell, Genet’s The Balcony, James Joyce Finnegan’s Wake and many others. He worked with director Jim Milton on Michael McClure’s VKTMS and Allice in Wonderland at Kaufman center .

Always looking to express his visions and experiment with new ideas, Uta has lent his creative eye to numerous other projects involving fine art, film, interior and industrial design. His main objective is to find beauty in our surroundings and highlight it for everyone to see. Currently part of  Ideal Glass   a New York based multimedia art project involving sound and visual art.